Spring Budget: Tories out of time and out of taxpayer money

The Government is facing fresh calls for an early General Election after the Chancellor delivered the Spring Budget in the House of Commons today.

The Chancellor cited the economic competence and sound fiscal management of the Conservative Government before announcing what many are describing as electorally-motivated tax cuts based on unspecified future spending cuts.

Last month, the UK officially entered recession and has witnessed falling living standards and crumbling public services since the Conservatives came to power in 2010.

Last week, Best for Britain's Scandalous spending Tracker was updated to show £125 billion of wasteful and scandalous spending by the Government since 2019. Best for Britain polling has also shown that a strong majority of voters (61%) want an early General Election.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain and founder of tactical voting platform said, 

“Best for Britain has recorded £125 billion of scandalous spending by this Government, enough to provide universal free public transport, higher education and school meals over the same period.

“Any ill-deserved reputation for financial responsibility and economic competence is now well and truly shot. They are out of ideas, out of time and out of taxpayer money to squander. We need a General Election now and we need people to vote tactically for change.”

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