stop the brexit freedoms bill

Save our standards: stop the Brexit freedoms bill

The Government is proposing to publish a new ‘Brexit Freedoms Bill’. 

In the Bill, there are no new freedoms and no real commitments to easing the problems caused by Brexit which are compounding the numerous domestic and international crises we’re facing. 

Instead, the Bill will contain new ways for the UK Government to slash standards and accelerate dangerous deregulation practices while avoiding public and parliamentary scrutiny. 

We won’t stand for it - sign our petition today.


We cannot allow the Government to repeal and change EU standards and protections without Parliamentary scrutiny. This has huge implications for all our democratic decision-making and threatens to turn our law-making process into a secretive one. 

We need to protect our democratic mechanisms - and ensure that our laws work for us. Sign our petition today to call for real policy development and accountable law-making. 

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