STOP THE CLOCK: Prime Minister finally appoints ethics adviser after 190 days

It took...

...for the Government to appoint an independent ethics adviser

In the end our government went almost 200 days without doing the bare minimum on standards, ethics and accountability.

To put that into perspective here's some things that happened in a shorter timeframe.

  • The Spanish-American War
  • The Premiership of Liz Truss
  • Titanic's unprecedented run at the top of the box office

The epic heel dragging is even more offensive when you consider the deluge of sleaze, abuse and unethical behaviour which has dogged the Sunak administration since day dot.

Just 4 weeks ago, Best for Britain launched a fresh recruitment drive to help find a replacement advisor and after 500 people applied for the job, it looks like the Prime Minister at last found his man.

You can read our now retired campaign below. Our sincere thanks and commiserations to all unsuccessful applicants.


Job Opportunity: Ethics Adviser to the Prime Minister

Between Brexit induced labour shortages and the amount of time he’s spent hiking taxes, Rishi Sunak STILL hasn’t managed to appoint an independent adviser on ethics and the work is building up!

In his first month, Sunak made Suella Braverman Home Secretary, one week after she was sacked for a security breach, both his deputy and chief whip faced multiple accusations of bullying, and it was reported his household income could still be benefiting from trade with Putin’s Russia despite UK sanctions.

Even more recently, it was reported that a Conservative Peer was paid £29 million by a company she recommended for the government’s VIP lane for pandemic contracts.

What an in-tray! 

We want to help the Prime Minister out.

Add your name to our ready made application and you could be the Prime Minister’s next independent adviser on ethics and standards.*


Send your (Parody) Job Application


The continued absence of an ethics adviser is just the tip of the iceberg. Since 2019 the Government has shut down avenues of accountability in the courts via reform of judicial review, on the streets via the Policing Act, and at the ballot box via the Elections Act which will skew the next election even more in their favour.

We think our leaders should lead by example and hold themselves to a higher standard.

We think politicians shouldn’t be the final judges of their own behaviour. 

We think there should be more accountability not less.

*Disclaimer: This is a parody advert and not an authentic opportunity for employment. But hopefully it will make them realise that we've not forgotten, and we'll be watching until they appoint someone.