Sunak childcare profiteering scandal "standard" for Tory Government

Today, the Prime Minister was referred to the Parliamentary standards watchdog for an inquiry into shares his wife holds in a childcare company that stands to benefit from the Government's childcare funding scheme.

Rishi Sunak's wife Akshata Murthy has a financial interest in Koru Kids, a childcare provider which could see a financial boost from the new childcare provisions announced in last month's Spring Budget. Sunak failed to publicly declare these interests before a parliamentary committee last month, even as he faced specific questions about the new childcare incentives.

Sunak now faces an investigation into whether he broke the MPs' code of conduct by not providing a comprehensive list of his household's financial interests. The full register of ministers' interests has not been updated in nearly a year.

Best for Britain Chief Executive Naomi Smith said:

“This investigation is standard operating procedure for a government with a strong track record of cronyism and an extensive roster of MPs on the make.

“Even if this was within the rules, Rishi Sunak must understand how the optics of a Prime Minister accused of profiteering can undermine faith in politics and our international reputation.”