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Dereliction of duty: Sunak ducks D-Day commemoration

The Prime Minister has been heavily criticised for choosing to come home early from the main 80th anniversary D-Day ceremony in Normandy to conduct a recorded TV interview. 

After giving an early speech in Normandy, the Prime Minister travelled back to the UK to take part in a pre-recorded TV interview set to go out next week.

The decision meant that Sunak missed the late afternoon International Ceremony on Omaha Beach which was attended by 25 other heads of state including US President Joe Biden, French President Emanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Sholz. Notably Labour Leader Keir Starmer was also in attendance while the Prime Minister was not.

Rishi Sunak has since apologised for his decision saying that “on reflection, it was a mistake not to stay in France longer.”

Cal Roscow, Director of Campaigns at Best for Britain and GetVoting.org said,

“He’s asked Britain’s young people to undertake a year of National Service - he couldn’t even do an afternoon.

“Prioritising a pre-recorded interview over the solemn commemoration of British and Allied troops demonstrates an astounding lack of judgement and just the latest example from Rishi Sunak’s shambolic campaign. 

“We need a leader that we can trust to represent the nation and make the right calls and that’s why we are helping voters vote tactically for change at GetVoting.org.”