Support for closer EU-UK ties rock solid as half of all voters want rapprochement

New data from Best for Britain’s Spring Mega-poll shows that the strong desire among voters for closer EU-UK cooperation remains steady with half of all respondents wanting closer ties with the bloc.

Best for Britain’s MRP poll of more than 15,000 people undertaken by Survation found that on average 49.2% of respondents want to see a closer EU-UK relationship compared to current arrangements, which have increased costly red tape for businesses, made travel more difficult and expensive, removed opportunities particularly for young people, and badly damaged the UK economy and public finances. 

The number of people who want closer EU-UK ties is  more than three times the number who want to see greater distance (14.8%) and double the number who want to keep the status quo (24%). 

Support for rapprochement with Europe was the most popular option in all nations, regions and constituencies in Britain with greatest support in Scotland (56.2%). Even in the constituency of Boston and Skegness, where 74.9% of voters backed leave in the 2016 referendum, a closer relationship is the most popular option.

Among undecided voters across Britain, support for closer ties was similarly strong (43.6%) compared to those who want to see greater distance (11.6%) and no change (22.2%). 

Only for people who said they were planning to vote for Reform UK, a mere 8.5% of the electorate, was greater distance the most popular option, with even Tory voters (26.2% of respondents) seeing more sense in a closer relationship (30.7%) than greater distance (19%).  Unsurprisingly among voters of all the other major UK political parties, there was a strong majority in favour of closer EU-UK ties ranging from 62% (Labour) to 73% (SNP).

In a blow to the UK’s leading Brexit backing news outlets, closer EU-UK ties is also the most popular option among readers of the Daily Mail, The Sun and The Daily Telegraph. 

The findings have been published on Europe Day, when the European Union celebrates the achievements of unity and long-term peace. Best for Britain is advocating 114 evidence based recommendations to improve the Brexit deal, benefit Britain and improve the EU-UK relationship including a reciprocal Youth Mobility Scheme and Beneficial Regulatory Alignment to protect high standards in the UK. 

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain said, 

“Eight years since the referendum and three years since Boris Johnson’s botched deal came into effect, no serious person argues that Brexit has been good for the UK, with fewer opportunities and increased costs for consumers and businesses.

“A closer EU-UK relationship is not only possible, it is essential to reverse some of the damage that has been done and put Britain on the path to a better future. Voters want it, businesses need it and the next government must deliver it.”

The poll of 15,029 adults and MRP analysis was undertaken by Survation on behalf of Best for Britain.