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Tactical voting can keep Tories out for a generation

The Prime Minister has announced that the General Election will take place on 4 July. 

In a statement made outside Downing Street this afternoon, Rishi Sunak announced that the General Election will be held in just over six weeks from now on 4 July. The Prime Minister’s announcement comes after a day of mounting and widespread speculation among civil servants, advisers, MPs and much of the public.

Best for Britain will be making recommendations based on expert constituency level polling and analysis on how best to vote to get rid of the Tories at GetVoting.org

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain and founder of tactical voting platform GetVoting.org said,

"After years of scandal, squander and sleaze, of failure, falsehoods and falling living standards, now at long last the public will get the chance to call time on this Government.

“By voting tactically, we can keep them out for a generation and Best for Britain will be helping voters get it right at GetVoting.org with constituency level insights and voting recommendations.”

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Find out how to vote at GetVoting.org