Tell us what you think of the Bung Parliament!

Public service announcement: The Bung Parliament is officially happening.

Public service announcement: The Bung Parliament is officially happening.

Theresa May has pulled out all the stops to ensure her Conservative government can continue its rule. The DUP asked her for the world and she didn’t disappoint. Now with Northern Ireland £1billion richer – that’s £540 per head – many questions have emerged about the potential of reciprocity of May’s generosity to England, Wales and Scotland. However, May’s not so keen on spending public money unless it’s to benefit her, so we shall see. 

The other hot topic of the week was Theresa May’s self-proclaimed “generous offer” to EU citizens living in the UK. With the government’s proposal, EU citizens stand to lose key freedom of movement rights, their ability to reunify with their families and, despite May promising not to do this, EU citizens remain “bargaining chips” in the negotiations. 

We are really keen to hear some first hard reactions to this not so “generous offer”. If you are an EU citizen currently living in the UK we want to hear from you! We would love you to do a short 20 second video with your initial reactions and feelings about May’s proposal. Post them on twitter @bestforbritain or email them to [email protected] and we will share them on social media. People must know policies are not abstract, they affect real lives. 

Last week, we asked you to get in touch if you were interested in campaigning locally. The response has been fantastic! I have spent this week starting to get in touch with some of you and doing a bit of a fact-finding mission about the state of play in your areas. If you have signed up and haven’t heard from me yet, expect me to be in touch soon.