Trade & the Environment

Trade and the Environment

Best for Britain set up the UK Trade and Business Commission to understand how the UK's new trading relationships are impacting businesses and different sectors of the UK economy and to develop solutions. The Commission's report, Trading our way to prosperity: A blueprint for policymakers, published in June 2023 which contained 114 recommendations designed to enhance the UK’s trading relationships, foster business growth, and navigate through the current challenging landscape.

In June 2023, the first ever Trade Unlocked conference was hosted by Best for Britain at the NEC Birmingham to bring together hundreds of businesses and policymakers to discuss what the future of trade policy must look like. It was the first national conference that empowered businesses of all sizes from all parts of the economy and all corners of the country to speak directly to decision makers.

The message from businesses was clear: the UK Government cannot meet its targets of growth without listening to the business community and drawing on their expertise. Any government serious about growth must strengthen our relationship with our closest and largest trading partners in the EU.

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