Trade deals won't fly if government ministers refuse to

Responding to a question about the progress of post-Brexit trade deals, a spokesperson for the Department for International Trade revealed that government ministers and officials are yet to visit a number of countries with whom they wish to negotiate new deals. Commenting, Best for Britain champion Virendra Sharma MP said:

"The promise of a post-Brexit 'Global Britain' falls flat against the cold reality of this Government's inertia. They've not bothered to visit a load of the countries from whom they seek deals on trade! 

"We were told Brexit would mean these lucrative deals falling from the sky like plumbs from trees. We were even told by Liam Fox that a deal with the EU would be the easiest ever negotiated. All of this is rubbish.

"This is all the more insulting given we're sitting on a gold mine in terms of our current trading relationship with the EU. That's why we need a people's vote with the option to rethink Brexit and continue with the current bespoke deal we've built up with the EU over the last four decades."


Notes to Editors:

If you use this quote, please mention Virendra is a Best for Britain champion.

Here's a link to Government's response:

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