'Treasury Committee lands another blow on a falling Prime Minister' - Jo Stevens

The Treasury Committee this morning published its report on its report on the Withdrawal Agreement analyses produced by the Government and the Bank of England. The report criticised the Government for failing to produce short-term analysis of its deal and for failing to model the backstop.

Commenting, Best for Britain champion Jo Stevens MP said: 

“The Treasury Committee has landed another blow on a falling Prime Minister. This report is scathing – calling out the Government for error after error.

“The fact that the Government won’t do economic forecasts on its deal shows what a mess its plans are. They clearly don’t believe it will be good for the country and want to avoid the embarrassment.

“But the scale of deceit goes further. There’s something shocking and deeply unsettling about a government who refuse to provide parliament with the facts they need before the meaningful vote finally happens. They want the meaningful vote to be meaningless.

“It’s now clearer than ever that this decision needs to be put back to the people, so they can decide whether to push on with this mess or continue with our current EU membership.”


Notes to Editors:

If you use this quote, please mention Jo is a Best for Britain champion

Here's a link to the Treasury Committee report: