Trump's WTO actions expose Brexit flaws

The International Trade secretary, Liam Fox, will use a speech today to criticise Donald Trump's trade policy, calling the idea it will protect the US from globalisation a "mirage" and suggesting actions taken by the US at the WTO will create a "free for all" risking decades of international progress.

The fear for Fox is that the president’s approach to the WTO will paralyse its dispute settlement mechanism – which post-Brexit Britain might have to rely heavily on to resolve trade rows in the future.

Commenting, Best for Britain supporter Layla Moran MP said:

“This is further proof the idea of a WTO safe haven for the UK after Brexit has shattered.

“The WTO is paralysed by an America First presidency that cares little for free trade, and even less for Britain. 

“This is why trade and unity with Europe is more important than ever.”