Truss consultation delays 'beggar belief'

Trade Secretary Liz Truss today hit back at criticism of her decision to disband trade deal consultation forums that included unions and civil society groups.

Truss said the Department for International Trade will “shortly be announcing” new consultation groups, including a refreshed “Strategic Trade Advisory Group, as well as groups consulting civil society and the trade unions”.

Commenting, Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith said:

"As our latest trade report shows, the Government's abject lack of deep consultation with industry and associated bodies this late in the game is not even close to good practice, let alone best.

"The history of successful free trade agreements has shown us that government consultation of industry is essential for securing high-quality outcomes in trade deals that deliver for businesses, communities and ordinary people.

"It beggars belief that Britain is leaving it until the last minute to put proper consultation in place – you can be sure that those we negotiate with will not be making the same mistake."