UK Business Leaders Unite Behind "Windsor Framework"

78 UK business leaders have issued a joint statement in support of the new UK/EU agreement on the Northern Ireland Protocol announced by the Prime Minister today.

In a joint statement coordinated by Best for Britain, 78 business leaders, including Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce Paul Drechsler, former Siemens UK CEO Jürgen Maier, and Bank of London Group Chief Executive and Founder Anthony Watson, representing over 60 organisations, voiced their support for the "Windsor framework" saying that it would be welcomed by businesses across the UK struggling with challenging economic conditions and that it can mark a new chapter in UK/EU relations.

The full statement reads:

As representatives of the business community we welcome the successful conclusion of UK/EU negotiations over the Northern Ireland Protocol and voice our support for the settlement that has been reached. 

This agreement will be of greatest significance to the people of Northern Ireland but its positive impact for businesses large and small, in every corner of the country, and for the UK economy as a whole should not be underestimated. 

For businesses and their customers, struggling in difficult trading conditions, this deal represents welcome pragmatism from all sides and upholds the level playing field with our closest and largest trading partners. It demonstrates what is possible when we engage in constructive dialogue and work in the common interest with our European neighbours.

It can and should mark the beginning of a new chapter in UK/EU relations, one built on trust, mutual respect and shared prosperity. 

The agreement follows months of negotiations and years of debate over the Protocol which was part of Boris Johnson’s 2019 Brexit deal.

The fallout from the deal has left Northern Ireland without a functioning government for over a year.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain, said,

“This agreement shows what can be achieved by turning the page on previous disputes and by breaking down barriers with our closest neighbours, we can provide businesses across the UK with the certainty and stability they desperately need to prosper in an extremely challenging economic environment.

“Successful negotiations always involve compromise and while some will focus on what has been given up rather than what has been gained, we should all welcome the flexibility shown by both the EU and UK in the interests of providing stability for the people of Northern Ireland.”

Below is the full list of signatories: