UK logistics sector demands Brexit transition extension

The UK logistics sector has demanded that Prime Minister Boris Johnson extends the Brexit transition period, warning that the "once in a lifetime" coronavirus pandemic must be dealt with first.

Elizabeth de Jong, the Freight Transport Association's policy director, on Tuesday urged the prime minister to change his stance, warning: "Our industry needs the support of government, not to be broken by it."

De Jong said: "Logistics is facing unprecedented challenges, both in terms of keeping the UK economy supplied with all the goods it needs to function, as well as coping with the increased disruption to staffing levels caused by sickness and self-isolation and concerns about the viability of their businesses."

Commenting, Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith said:

“UK hauliers are right to demand support from the government to extend transition. The logistics industry should be able to focus solely on ensuring the economy is supplied with all the goods it needs to weather the COVID-19 outbreak.

"Britain cannot fight a war on two fronts. That's why we support calls for the Government to think again and give the country and vital services enough time to deal with one crisis at a time.

"Only then can we secure a relationship with Europe that protects our people, our jobs and our futures.”