We will not be cowed into supporting PM's botched deal

Arriving in Sharm El-Sheikh for the EU-Arab League summit, Theresa May has admitted that MPs will not get a 'meaningful vote' on her Brexit deal this week and that it could come as late as 12th March. 

Best for Britain supporter and Labour MP David Lammy told us:

“The Prime Minister has confirmed what many of us feared - her strategy is just to simply run down the clock in hope that Parliamentarians vote for her deal in desperation against a no-deal scenario.

"My message is clear. We will not be cowed into supporting a botched deal which was defeated by one of the biggest margins ever seen and for which there is no appetite from people across our country.

"We must give ourselves more time by supporting efforts to extend Article 50 and most crucially, we must put this back to the people to decide.”

Best for Britain's CEO Eloise Todd said:

"Theresa May is trying to bounce the country into a bad Brexit. It's time for MPs and Ministers to decide which side they are on: saving May or doing what is best for Britain. The only way out of this deadlock is to give the people the final say."