Westminster falls behind as Wales boosts democratic equality

The Welsh Government announces plans to overhaul the Senedd 

This morning, the Labour-run Government announced their plan to increase the size of the Senedd by a third and abolish first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting and single-member constituencies for elections. 

If the changes are supported by the Welsh Parliament, they will be adopted for the next set of elections in 2026. 

Best for Britain has long campaigned for a fairer voting system to replace first past the post; an outdated system which allows parties to win power with a minority of votes. 

Best for Britain’s Can’t Wait campaign which was launched last year highlights the damage of this voting system which has empowered the Conservative Party to deliver damaging policies like austerity and Brexit.

Naomi Smith, CEO of Best for Britain said, 

“The UK, along with Belarus, is the only country in Europe still clinging to first past the post for national elections and while it’s good to see a Labour led Government implementing democratic equality for voters in Wales, many will ask why the rest of the UK aren’t getting the same. 

“Britain can’t wait another five years for our voting system to be improved and after Labour’s National Policy Forum rightly denounced our current unfair voting system, the next Government must expand fair votes to all.”