Hey-MP.uk is deliberately designed differently to other 'write to MP' tools. Instead of sending messages on behalf of users from a single email address or email server, Hey-MP.uk helps users send messages from their own email and social media accounts. This makes it much harder for MPs to filter or block campaign messages from HeyMP and means the campaign messages we send are more direct and personal.

Most other 'write to MP' tools send emails to MPs that just look like they are from an individual - they use an email protocol that essentially allows a single email server to send many emails but make them look as though they were sent by individuals. Because they all come from a single server there is a greater chance that they might be automatically filtered into spam or junk folders, or that an MP or Parliament's email servers could decide to manually filter them out. 

Hey-MP.uk avoids those problems entirely as all the messages really do get sent from individual supporters' own email accounts.