“Delinquent” Sunak squandered £130 billion since last election

New figures published today show that Rishi Sunak’s Government has wastefully or scandalously spent more than £130 billion since 2019.

Best for Britain’s Scandalous Spending Tracker, which tots up reports of suspect government spending, found that in the last two months alone the Government added more than £6 billion to their total, reaching £131,209,116,062 before Parliament was formally dissolved.

Outrageously, the Government forked out £32,000 of taxpayer cash to pay the legal costs of  online libel by the Science and Innovation Secretary, spent £15,000 on food and booze during a single flight for Liz Truss, and blew an additional £33 million by delaying the General Election by two months. The biggest new entry was a whopping £4.7billion to pay for Brexit checks which were introduced at the end of April. 

The Conservative Government’s average annual squander of £26bn since 2019 is 30 times the estimated cost of Lib Dem proposals to boost GP appointments (£800m per year) and more than the total cost of the Green Party’s plan to insulate 10 million homes (£25bn per year). With an estimated price tag of approximately £4.8bn per year, the eye-watering waste of the last five years is enough to fund Keir Starmer’s recently announced six key pledges more than five times over.

Throughout the last parliament, Rishi Sunak held almost total responsibility for government spending as Prime Minister or Chancellor, but this era of Government squander could soon be at an end with polls suggesting that the Conservatives are on course to lose the upcoming General Election. 

With 13 million Brits ready to vote tactically for change at the next election, campaigners are calling on people to use to deal the heaviest defeat possible to the Government and ensure they can’t return to raid the public coffers in another five years' time. 

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain and founder of said,

“Rishi Sunak has presided over years of delinquent Government spending and while his reign of egregious waste may soon be over, we cannot risk the Tories getting their hands back in the public piggy bank in five years time.

“That’s why we’re asking people to vote tactically at the next election and get it right with”

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