Campaign success as Policing Bill is delayed while Government rethinks its position

Best for Britain understands that the Government has delayed the next stages of the Policing Bill, despite a majority of MPs voting for it this week. This change of plan comes after more than 20,000 Best for Britain supporters contacted their MPs to express their outrage and raised over £26,000 in a crowdfund to stop the erosion of our rights to peaceful protest.

This is a significant success in the face of a government that commands an 80-strong majority of MPs. Instead of immediately pushing the Bill through Parliament, the Government has paused it until later in the year.

Best for Britain thanks all those who have contributed to the crowdfund and contacted their MPs. Your action has helped force this rethink and made sure we are ready and prepared for the next stage. Our campaign aims to stop any reduction in our rights to peacefully protest, thank you for standing up and using your voice.

The change of plans was confirmed by Peter Kyle MP, who said of the decision:

"When they saw the revulsion from vast swathes of the country at this unfit Bill, suddenly we get a message saying 'the Bill committee won't start until later in the year'. [...]

"For that we have people up and down the country to thank who contacted their MPs, who made their voices heard."


In an unprecedented move, former Remain and Leave organisations signed an open letter calling for the government to withdraw its proposed Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill “in its entirety”.

More than 20,000 Best for Britain supporters across the country flooded MPs with emails, tweets and letters in the three days before the vote. A huge demonstration of the strength of feeling in the country and a clear defence of the democratic value of peaceful protest.

Over £26,000 raised in a short few days on Best for Britain's crowdfund. Best for Britain is committed to continuing the fight against this unjust and dangerous Bill, whenever it returns to Parliament.

Cary Mitchell, Director of Campaigns at Best for Britain said:

"We have been amazed to see how many people have joined us on this important issue, and added their passionate voices to the cry for our democratic freedoms. We hope Priti Patel and the Government takes this time to rethink the Bill. We will do all we can to make our case with MPs and Ministers, keeping up the pressure to do the right thing and providing evidence of the harm this Bill could do to our society and our values of democracy and freedom."

You can still donate to the crowdfunder here.