We have certainly had many campaign successes that relied completely or in part on messages sent through Hey-MP.uk.

For example in March 2021 more than 20,000 Best for Britain supporters used the tool to contact MPs about the UK Government's new Policing Bill, resulting in the Bill being delayed while Ministers and MPs reconsidered. At the time, one MP said "When they saw the revulsion from vast swathes of the country at this unfit Bill, suddenly we get a message saying 'the Bill committee won't start until later in the year'. [...] For that we have people up and down the country to thank who contacted their MPs, who made their voices heard." Read more here.

Hundreds of thousands of messages have been sent to MPs using Hey-MP.uk, influencing votes in Parliament and putting pressure on politicians to take notice of our supporters and campaigns. Best for Britain's supporters have won changes to laws, helped force the Government to make u-turns and raised issues we care about to the top of the political and news agenda. Together we make a difference.