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Best for Britain exists to stop Brexit by any democratic means.

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Donations to Best for Britain, a political campaign registered with the Electoral Commission, are not tax deductible.
Donations to political campaigns during regulated election or referendum periods are subject to relevant electoral laws.
During a relevant electoral regulated period:
Donations over £500 during a relevant electoral regulated period must be from permissible sources.
Best for Britain may need to contact donors to confirm that they are permissible in law.
If we cannot confirm that a donor is permissible we may need to return the donation.
Donations over £7,500 (including cumulative donations from the same source that add up to £7,500 or more)
must be reported to the Electoral Commission and the name of the donor and the amount donated will be published.
Outside electoral regulated periods Best for Britain is happy to accept donations from anyone who wishes to help stop Brexit.

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