EU Election results show country has changed its mind on Brexit

Following the announcement of the European Election results, Best for Britain has launched a petition calling on the pro-Europe parties to work together to solve Brexit.

Best for Britain's Interim CEO Naomi Smith said:

“It is clear that the country has changed its mind on Brexit. Against expectations, a majority of voters have backed anti-hard Brexit parties in these elections. These results also reveal the intense frustration with the current parliamentary deadlock – both May’s deal and Corbyn’s strategy have been rejected. A public vote on Brexit is now the only way to break the impasse. 

"With the real possibility of a future PM who backs a catastrophic no-deal exit, it’s more important than ever that remainers, who are splintered across many parties, now work together to make sure parliament fights to give the public a final say on Brexit.

"It is foolish to claim that Brexit is “the will of the people” now that there is every indication it no longer is. To oppose a public vote is tantamount to saying to the public: “you had your say three years ago, now you must accept whatever the diminishing membership of the Conservative party chooses”.

“The Labour leadership can no longer deny what our data proves: that they are losing more than three times as many remain voters than they are leave voters. The country is sick and tired of Brexit, not because they want politicians to get on with it, but because they have changed their minds and no longer want Brexit at all."