Crowdfunder launched tonight to fight Policing Bill

Following tonight's House of Commons vote on the Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill, Best for Britain has launched a crowfunder to defend democracy and the right to protest.

We recognise and thank the 263 MPs who stood up for democracy and voted against the bill tonight.

Cary Mitchell, Director of Campaigns at Best for Britain said:

"A million people marched with us in 2019. Unless we act now, we may never be able to do so again. Although we are grateful to the many MPs who voted to defend our right to stand up to those in power, it is now up to us to campaign relentlessly to prevent this draconian legislation ending up on our statute books forever."


In an unprecedented move, former Remain and Leave organisations yesterday signed an open letter calling for the government to withdraw its proposed Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill “in its entirety”.

After four years of disagreement over Brexit and a second referendum, campaigners buried the hatchet to unite against the government’s plans to limit political protests. All signatories of the letter were able to conduct large scale demonstrations in London and across the UK peacefully and safely under existing legislation. However, under the new legislation, which change the boundaries defining the ‘controlled area’ of Parliament Square, neither side would have been able to hold the high-profile demonstrations and events in Parliament Square that shaped the Brexit debate.

Cal Roscow, Director of Fundraising at Best for Britain said:

"People are dismayed but undeterred. We are asking people to come together and fund our fight against Priti Patel's policing bill or risk being silenced forever. Thanks to ordinary people taking a stand and donating to these efforts, we will fight this bill at every stage in the House of Commons or the Lords."

You can donate to the crowdfunder here.