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Tokyo Story: in Japan, adoption is a business decision, one that holds valuable trade lessons for the UK
Campaigns Officer Laura Savage looks at what an unusual Japanese tradition can tell the UK about international negotiation.
You can’t kill half a cow: why getting an EU trade deal is a big deal
Our Head of Press, Ludo Sappa Cohen, looks at why landing a trade deal is not the end of a process, merely one step in a complex series of processes, albeit an extremely important step.
Tim Tams, sheep slashing and a $1m Trump donation: Some things Johnson didn’t tell you in that Aussie trade deal speech
Scratch the surface of this Flim Flam Tim Tam stunt, and some genuine issues become immediately apparent; issues relevant far beyond the walls of chocolate biscuit factories, be they in Stockport or Sydney.
Let's talk about the F-word
Best for Britain polled more than a thousand SME owners and asked them to express their feelings on Brexit and the coronavirus recession in 5 words. Which one came up the most? It wasn't fudge
Northern Ireland: a political Schrödinger’s cat?
Northern Ireland finds itself the innocent subject of a huge geo-economic experiment as UK-EU negotiations continue. NI must be in Europe, but not of Europe. Or vice-versa. No one is really sure.
We must adjust the sails
Naomi Smith, CEO of Best for Britain, explains why we must adjust our sails in the face of a new political reality.
New political balls please: What Wimbledon can teach us about taking tricky decisions in the age of Covid-19 and Brexit
Flora Hutchings, Best for Britain's Head of External Affairs, examines what preparation is still needed if the UK ends Brexit transition at the end of this year. And what the process is to extend transition to allow more preparation time.
We must extend transition beyond 31 Dec 2020
Naomi Smith, CEO of Best for Britain, explains why she thinks we must extend Brexit transition beyond 31 Dec 2020