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How we're fighting this Government's ho-ho-horrorshow
Our 2021 Christmas merch line is out! Take a look and see if there's anything you'd like for you or your political friends.
Britain has failed to plan and so it must plan to fail
Best for Britain's latest survey shows how the cost of living crisis is spiralling out of control - and how this Government is ploughing on with policy that will only make things worse
Unkind times: How this government made nastiness their bread and butter
Read our blog on political unkindness and how we all need to work for a kinder political sphere
The UK Trade and Business Commission is a shining example of what business leaders and politicians can achieve together
The UK Trade and Business Commission, of which Best for Britain is secretariat, has had a busy 2021. Find out more!
Pyrotechnics and PR
The Government is consigning our democratic institutions to the bonfire - don't let them do this to all that we hold dear
This government’s agenda isn’t just anti-democratic, it’s anti-Conservative too
Best for Britain's blog explores how this Government is dispensing with all principle as it damages our democracy. This blog looks at the anti-democratic agenda embodied by bills such as the Elections Bill and the reforms to judicial review.
Age of Optimism? That’s one way of describing the Budget
Much like our rivers and seas, this budget stinks. Following a screeching U-Turn (or should we say U-Bend) on #StoolBritainia, sky high Covid cases reported today, and shortages on pretty much everything, we’re going to need more than just optimism. Unfortunately for us, that’s all this lot have.
Low on energy - why the global energy crisis is acutely affecting Britons
Britain has been acutely affected by the global energy crisis. And the reasons it has been hit so hard lie in bad policymaking - read more.
Is the Elections Bill the end of electoral pacts in Britain?
People want less division and more cooperation in politics. If the Elections Bill passes without amending Clause 20 there will no longer be any way for political parties to be transparent about how money is spent on campaigning in an electoral pact.
How to converse with your MP - making political discourse professional, personable - and powerful
Want to know the most effective way to communicate with your MP? Read on...
This year's Halloween horrors are courtesy of Number 10
Number 10 has provided us with all the scares we need for Halloween - support us by getting your ministerial monster-wear now!
World Mental Health Day 2021
It's World Mental Health Day 2021 - will you support our campaign to improve mental health outcomes by reducing poverty?
The push to poverty
This Government is pushing Brits into poverty - and this is not something we should let happen.
Will Labour accept sharing power to win?
It's not 1997 anymore! Read the full text of our CEO Naomi Smith's speech on progressive alliances made at the 2021 Labour Conference.
Lord Kim Darroch: Delighted to be taking over as Best for Britain's Chairperson
I am delighted today to be taking up the role of Chair at Best for Britain and before anything else, I want to thank my predecessor Mark Malloch-Brown for steering the organisation so brilliantly for the past four years.
Aid and security - a Truly Global Britain
Being a truly Global Britain will require us to step up to our responsibilities on international aid - for the UK and for the world at large
The rich tapestry of British life
Britain would be culturally, spiritually and intellectually impoverished without its refugee communities and their descendants
Where is global Britain?
Where is global Britain? Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith considers whether Britain will really live up to its responsibilities in Afghanistan.
The UK Trade and Business Commission - what is it and what do we do?
Best for Britain helped set up the UK Trade and Business Commission in April 2021 with the aim of developing recommendations and policies that can ensure Britain’s future trading relationships are strong and that they protect British people and interests.
Sara John, we'll miss you
This weekend, we were devastated to learn that our dear Sara John passed away. We will miss her terribly. Sara was Best for Britain’s first Chief Operating Officer, and a founding member of the team. We are desperately saddened to have lost her, but will continue the fight she started.