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The push to poverty
This Government is pushing Brits into poverty - and this is not something we should let happen.
Will Labour accept sharing power to win?
It's not 1997 anymore! Read the full text of our CEO Naomi Smith's speech on progressive alliances made at the 2021 Labour Conference.
Lord Kim Darroch: Delighted to be taking over as Best for Britain's Chairperson
I am delighted today to be taking up the role of Chair at Best for Britain and before anything else, I want to thank my predecessor Mark Malloch-Brown for steering the organisation so brilliantly for the past four years.
Aid and security - a Truly Global Britain
Being a truly Global Britain will require us to step up to our responsibilities on international aid - for the UK and for the world at large
The rich tapestry of British life
Britain would be culturally, spiritually and intellectually impoverished without its refugee communities and their descendants
Where is global Britain?
Where is global Britain? Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith considers whether Britain will really live up to its responsibilities in Afghanistan.
The UK Trade and Business Commission - what is it and what do we do?
Best for Britain helped set up the UK Trade and Business Commission in April 2021 with the aim of developing recommendations and policies that can ensure Britain’s future trading relationships are strong and that they protect British people and interests.
Sara John, we'll miss you
This weekend, we were devastated to learn that our dear Sara John passed away. We will miss her terribly. Sara was Best for Britain’s first Chief Operating Officer, and a founding member of the team. We are desperately saddened to have lost her, but will continue the fight she started.
70 years of the 1951 Refugee Convention
So, as today marks 70 years since the 1951 Refugee Convention was signed, we must celebrate the valuable contributions that refugees, migrants and asylum seekers make to our society every single day, in a multitude of ways.
Unholy trinity of bills is a democratic crisis
New blog by Best for Britain CEO, Naomi Smith If you’re feeling like there’s a lot going on right now - you’re not alone. In just two days the Policing Bill passed through the House of Commons, the Elections Bill was introduced, and the Home Secretary’s Nationality & Borders Bill was published as well. 48 hours is a long time in politics.
Never again. You cannot call yourself ‘anti-racist’ unless you are prepared to do everything to get rid of these people
The racist abuse against black England players began as soon as the match was lost; the tweets from Priti Patel and Boris Johnson calling it out didn’t come ‘til morning. Presumably at around the time that they had realised which side of history they found themselves on.
Football is political, so are this England team, and that's why we love them
If this tournament has taught us anything it's that patriotism doesn’t have to be jingoistic or divisive. Quite the opposite. It should be inclusive, liberal and tolerant - a space welcome to all. As a country, let’s hold onto, cherish, and live by these values - and never look back. Because, whatever happens on Sunday, whether we win or lose, whether football comes home or not, if we live by the values of Southgate’s team, we’ll all be winners.
Blood in the water: Australia deal a reminder that the Government will compromise on just about anything
Notwithstanding the agreement with economic juggernaut Liechtenstein, this Summer Boris Johnson made Britain’s first major international treaty since our European exit. The fallout of the deal for farmers in particular, is something we in Best for Britain and many others have been quite vocal about.
Tactical Voting in Chesham
New Blog by @BestforBritain The result of the Chesham and Amersham by-election will be welcome news to anyone who wishes to see the electoral stranglehold of this Government weakened. Sarah Green, the Liberal Democrat candidate, (and former Best for Britain staffer!) has won a Conservative seat, deep in their traditional heartlands.  
Taking the Knee
New Blog by @BestforBritain Last Sunday, before England kicked off their Euro 2020 campaign at Wembley, the whole team took the knee. This simple act has become a universally recognised protest against racism following the death of George Floyd last summer and, last season, players and officials alike knelt before every game in the English Premier League.  But now, on the global stage, some England fans have turned against ‘taking the knee’. Players were initially met with boos last weekend, before they were drowned out by cheers. Though it is only a minority of vocal supporters who have turned their backs on the team, it often seems to be their voices we hear the loudest. 
A Land Down Under
New Blog by @BestforBritain It's Boris Johnson’s first major international treaty since our European exit five years ago, if you don't count the copy and paste Japan deal carried over from what we had as an EU member. But there’s one small problem: nobody knows what’s in it. 
A rushed trade deal with Australia could mean ee-eye-ee-eye-woe for our farmers
New Blog by Naomi Smith @BestforBritain Australia has eight of the ten biggest farms on the planet. When it comes to economies of scale, British farmers are at a distinct disadvantage. But it’s not just British farmers who are concerned. Best for Britain polling shows 61 percent of people believe the welfare of farmers should take priority in a trade deal – and only 20 per cent would put cheaper food ahead of protecting them.
13 out of England’s 26 man Squad for Euro 2020 could play for a different country
New Blog from @BestforBritain Best for Britain research shows that 13 players in England’s squad for Euro 2020 could have represented another nation, due to having either a parent or grandparent born outside of the UK. The squad is a wonderful example of the benefits of immigration, and is a celebration of diversity
Our values
New Blog from @BestforBritain We remain unashamedly in favour of working with the world to solve the world’s and the UK’s greatest challenges.
‘Nul points’ for the government’s handling of foreign language education
UK viewers of Eurovision have much to lament this year, but beyond the song choice, the singer and scoring ‘nul points’ from both the jury and the European public - the real embarrassment came from one minute of Amanda Holden - deftly offending the Dutch hosts, as well as the French in under 60 seconds.