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Car making in Britain: A Rolls-Royce industry dodging Brexit potholes by Sydney Nash Red tape: A piscatorial take by Kenny Campbell British entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds, until a pandemic comes along by Alice Antoine-Grégoire We are known for fair play - that's why I voted against the Internal Market Bill by Ros Altmann The Donkey in the room - why Joe’s win is a problem for Johnson by Laura Savage Warnings ignored – so now the best Johnson can do is make things worse by Kenny Campbell For once, the selfish option is the best option by Kenny Campbell Why it’s time to talk to the FBI, Prime Minister by Naomi Smith Failing Five: No deal impacts no one is talking about by Laura Savage A message from the fields: Beware Johnson, the Pied Piper of farming by Laura Savage UK trade deal with Australia 'must not legitimise animal mutilation' by Laura Savage Nothing reasonable about it: worst-case scenario for food poverty in the UK by Laura Savage Artic blast: Why Dover chaos could be like losing Britain’s biggest truck fleets by Naomi Smith A return to the Corn Laws in the 21st Century - lessons from the past on keeping food affordable. by Cary Mitchell Grate expectations: Why Truss is right to champion cheese in trade talks by Flo Hutchings Our EU divorce: Checking in from across the Channel by Flo Hutchings Carbs, Cummings and the coming storm: What do you expect? by Naomi Smith Tokyo Story: in Japan, adoption is a business decision, one that holds valuable trade lessons for the UK by Laura Savage You can’t kill half a cow: why getting an EU trade deal is a big deal by Ludo Sappa-Cohen Tim Tams, sheep slashing and a $1m Trump donation: Some things Johnson didn’t tell you in that Aussie trade deal speech by Kenny Campbell

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