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New Year, Same Priorities: To make a better future for British businesses by Jake Verity How did we get here? by Maheen Behrana Some small victories in the battle to maintain the infrastructure of democracy by Maheen Behrana Under Attack: Peaceful Protest in Parliament Square by Tom Brufatto January will be a crossroads for our democracy. We must remain vigilant. by Maheen Behrana Behold, our Crony Christmas Countdown! by Maheen Behrana How we're fighting this Government's ho-ho-horrorshow by Julia Meadon Britain has failed to plan and so it must plan to fail by Maheen Behrana Unkind times: How this government made nastiness their bread and butter by Maheen Behrana The UK Trade and Business Commission is a shining example of what business leaders and politicians can achieve together by Jake Verity Pyrotechnics and PR by Maheen Behrana This government’s agenda isn’t just anti-democratic, it’s anti-Conservative too by Maheen Behrana Age of Optimism? That’s one way of describing the Budget by Lauren Tavriger Low on energy - why the global energy crisis is acutely affecting Britons by Maheen Behrana Is the Elections Bill the end of electoral pacts in Britain? by Cary Mitchell How to converse with your MP - making political discourse professional, personable - and powerful by Maheen Behrana This year's Halloween horrors are courtesy of Number 10 by Julia Meadon World Mental Health Day 2021 by Maheen Behrana The push to poverty by Maheen Behrana Will Labour accept sharing power to win? by Naomi Smith

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