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The Greens have reason to hate it, but tactical voting is more important than ever
“It’s not easy bein’ green” - a 1970 hit for Kermit the Frog and a truism in British politics. Despite enjoying sustained and widespread support, the Green Party have been consistently and almost completely frustrated by our outdated electoral system.
Everything wrong with the Guardian’s ‘defence of Brexit’ piece
While making no mention of a myriad of issues sparked by the UK’s departure from the EU, some of the ‘proof’ offered in this thesis that Brexit has not been a disaster is questionable. Let’s pick over some of the highlights.
Sunak’s climate report card
With leaders from all over the world gathering in the UAE to take stock of global progress, we at B4B thought it was the perfect time to do an appraisal of our own. Queue, a whistle-stop tour of Rishi's regrettable record on tackling climate change.
Superstitions, Premonitions & Polling for St Andrew’s Day
What unites Cyprus, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and islands in Columbia, Spain and Barbados? It’s their celebration of St Andrew’s day at the end of November.
The Farage effect: why Nigel has tanked I’m a Celeb’s ratings
Those on X might have seen #BoycottImACeleb trending over the last week, as tens of thousands of angry viewers pledged not to watch ITV's flagship show over the platforming of populist politician Nigel Farage.
Tories raise election spending limits to inflation-busting £35 million
The Government has just decided to rush through some tax cuts and if that doesn’t tell you an election is imminent I don’t know what will. But it’s not the only clue. This year the government also increased the spending limits for parties and campaigners at elections
Annus Horribilis, one year of Rishi Sunak
As his rapidly diminishing group of friends don paper hats, blow up balloons and grab last minute cards from the corner-shop to celebrate this most ignominious anniversary, what does Sunak credibly have to celebrate after 365 days holding office?
The Election has started...
Labour's monumental wins in the two by-elections held last night have rightly energised those who believe that a change at the top is critical to the future of our country...
Starmer, shawarma, stalls and sparkles - Best for Britain at Labour Party Conference
The last time I attended the Labour Party’s annual conference in a rain lashed Brighton, the general mood matched the weather. Two years later and everything has changed, changed utterly.
It matters that the Tories love Nigel Farage again. Look up the name Preston Manning, and you’ll see why
Both Manning and Farage demonstrate how our current “winner takes all” system can be used by the far right to spook moderate conservatives into normalising fringe views. If Labour wins the next election, it should take a look at the last 70 years of UK politics, 46 of which have had Conservative governments elected on a minority of votes, and weigh up if proportional representation may not serve both them and the country better.
Even after Rishi’s car crash conference, he’s got a good shot of winning the election
For those watching Rishi Sunak's Conservative Party conference speech on Wednesday, you might have been surprised by his jubilant tone and overt confidence.
The view from Brighton - Best for Britain at Green Party Conference
Green Party conference is different from that of the other main parties. Not in a logistical sense; it uses the same Brighton Centre that hosts the others. But in the way that it feels: it feels like true people-centred politics.
Bringing Europe back to Lib Dem Conference
All called upon the current leadership to be bolder in their defence of shared values with Europe. Our audience applauded the video, some shed a tear, and many questioned why a speech like that made by Charles Kennedy wasn’t being made on the main stage at this conference
When it comes to opportunities for young Brits, England is 3-0 down to the Aussies
No matter what happens on Sunday, let’s enjoy this victory because off the pitch our record against Australia is less impressive. In the ongoing contest of attracting and retaining the next generation of young workers, we’re in the middle of a  3-0 drubbing.
An 'Uxbridge' too far for Tactical Voting
Good morning, and if you are just waking up to the results of last night’s three by-elections, we can bring you happy news that Labour have won in Selby &...
For the EU it turns out no deal could be better than a bad deal
Hot on the heels of their agreement with the Kiwis, the long anticipated EU-Australia trade deal was due to be announced this week but reports suggest that agriculture is proving the stubborn, if expected, sticking point. 
Trade Unlocked: Businesses find their voice post-Brexit
On the 20th of June at Birmingham NEC, Best for Britain brought hundreds of businesses and policymakers together to discuss what the future of trade policy must look like. It was the first national conference that empowered businesses of all sizes from all parts of the economy and all corners of the country to speak directly to decision makers through real time polling and consultation. 
F.P.W.P. - First past what post?
In the world of horses, first past the post (FPTP) means just that. Getting to within a furlong of the finish and then expiring counts for nowt, even if you were the last gelding standing. Politics, of course, purloined FPTP from the racing fraternity and applied it to the outdated electoral system which still blights general elections in Britain, among other places.
As election manifestos are being written, now is the time for the business community to be the squeaky wheel, and the oil
Our businesses remain hamstrung by stubbornly high inflation (not least wage inflation), interest rates that don’t know how to fall, and an employment market crippled by a lack of both labour and skills. And all the while, the trade barriers we erected around our economy on exiting the EU are a daily reminder to British exporters just how badly Britain has damaged its trading abilities in recent years.
State expectations: A warning about local elections for Labour supporters
If you’re looking for signs that our scandal-pocked Government has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin, you should be anticipating the Thursday’s English local elections with glee. But here’s why it won’t necessarily be a rip-roaring night for Labour.