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Don’t just settle for summat over nowt: the North deserves better than this Government
As a proud Yorkshireman, there’s nothing that frustrates me more than seeing this Government pretend everything will be ‘Be Reyt’ when things are far from perfect.
New Government, same old tricks?
New Government, same old tricks? We take a look at upcoming legislation that could hurt our democracy regardless of who is PM.
Referendum day 6 years on: 6 big lies
During the referendum campaign, Vote Leave — spearheaded by the current Prime Minister — made a series of promises which would help Britain ‘take back control’. Six years on, we’ve had a look at how they’ve fared…
Where are we now?
Johnson will trundle on for as long as he possibly can. But while he continues to cling onto power by the skin of his teeth, he continues to damage the country.
“Throwing a dead cat on the table”: 5 examples of Johnson's distraction tactic
Sue Gray’s long-awaited report into Boris Johnson’s lawbreaking was published yesterday, so it’s only natural that today he has prepared something new to throw on the table to distract from the scandal. Here are some other times he’s thrown a dead cat on the table…
No-Deal Brexit 2: The sequel no one asked for
Well, here we are again, the ‘do what I want or I’ll crash my own economy’ stage of Brexit. It might come as a shock to the millions who voted to “Get Brexit Done” in 2019, less so for those of us who didn’t.
Any port in a Stormont: Why the DUP must be helped down from their Protocol petard
The Assembly election result was a clear endorsement for the NI Protocol but how can the DUP get off this hook that is threatening power-sharing in Northern Ireland.
Data doesn’t lie. Using it can get this sleaze ridden, lawbreaking Government out of No.10
Data doesn’t lie. Using it can get this sleaze ridden, lawbreaking Government out of No.10
5 other times Boris Johnson ran away
To mark this latest escape, avoiding a debate on his own law breaking, please find enclosed a rundown of some of the other times Boris Johnson has run away.
Partygate ‘apology’: A digest of Johnson’s premiership
The Prime Minister and the Chancellor were last week both fined for breaching Covid rules during lockdown, and more than 50 fixed penalty notices have been imposed by the Metropolitan Police so far, is the clearest distillation yet of the culture of arrogance and impunity at the heart of Whitehall.
UK Trade and Business Commission: Meeting on Import Checks
Take a look at our blog about the latest evidence session of the UK Trade and Business Commission
We're not asking for the moon
We're not asking for the moon - here's why we chose our April Fools
A bitesize helping of the UK Trade and Business Commission's annual report
A bitesize helping of the UK Trade and Business Commission's annual report
Slava Ukraini
Slava Ukraini: let's make our systems far more hospitable for refugees
Amending the Elections Bill: update from the House of Lords
Find out what's been happening in the House of Lords with the Elections Bill
The West must make sure Xi Jinping is never tempted to walk Putin’s path
This week’s online summit between Xi Jinping and his French and German counterparts suggests that China’s leader is uncomfortable with the turn of events in Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine...
Seeing is believing
Seeing is believing - Best for Britain and the UK Trade and Business Commission took a look at the post-Brexit situation in Northern Ireland
Kim Darroch: The world has changed irrevocably
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an appalling act of unprovoked aggression and Europe’s bleakest day for decades.
Electoral Commission in extraordinary rebuke to Government
The Electoral Commission has published a letter to Michael Gove setting out deep concerns about the government’s Elections Bill. Best for Britain is acting now to put a stop to this part of the Government’s programme to remove all avenues to hold them to account, in the media, in the courts, at the ballot box or on the streets.
Ukraine: Thank you to our supporters
As Best for Britain's Director of Development, when I send emails or write blog posts it's usually to ask for money. But tonight, as Russian troops head further into separatist-held...