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Amending the Elections Bill: update from the House of Lords
Find out what's been happening in the House of Lords with the Elections Bill
The West must make sure Xi Jinping is never tempted to walk Putin’s path
This week’s online summit between Xi Jinping and his French and German counterparts suggests that China’s leader is uncomfortable with the turn of events in Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine...
Seeing is believing
Seeing is believing - Best for Britain and the UK Trade and Business Commission took a look at the post-Brexit situation in Northern Ireland
Kim Darroch: The world has changed irrevocably
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an appalling act of unprovoked aggression and Europe’s bleakest day for decades.
Electoral Commission in extraordinary rebuke to Government
The Electoral Commission has published a letter to Michael Gove setting out deep concerns about the government’s Elections Bill. Best for Britain is acting now to put a stop to this part of the Government’s programme to remove all avenues to hold them to account, in the media, in the courts, at the ballot box or on the streets.
Ukraine: Thank you to our supporters
As Best for Britain's Director of Development, when I send emails or write blog posts it's usually to ask for money. But tonight, as Russian troops head further into separatist-held...
Naomi Smith's speech at the Elections Bill protest
Read the full transcript of Naomi Smith's speech protesting the Elections Bill.
Brexit has brought us no freedom
The Government's Benefits of Brexit report hides the fact that Brexit is being used by our leaders to take our freedoms and rights away
New Year, Same Priorities: To make a better future for British businesses
Find out about what the UK Trade and Business Commission has been up to
How did we get here?
How did we get here? An analysis of our current political woes from Best for Britain
Some small victories in the battle to maintain the infrastructure of democracy
Read our latest blog on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and find out how Best for Britain has worked with peers to alleviate some of the most dangerous provisions in the bill
Under Attack: Peaceful Protest in Parliament Square
Read our blog exploring how Clause 59 of the Policing Bill will affect your right to protest - and find out what we're doing about it
January will be a crossroads for our democracy. We must remain vigilant.
Read our blog which explores anti-democratic bills in parliament and how we propose to challenge them in 2022.
Behold, our Crony Christmas Countdown!
Our Crony Christmas Countdown chronicles just some of the things that we believe this Government has wasted your money on - take a look!
How we're fighting this Government's ho-ho-horrorshow
Our 2021 Christmas merch line is out! Take a look and see if there's anything you'd like for you or your political friends.
Britain has failed to plan and so it must plan to fail
Best for Britain's latest survey shows how the cost of living crisis is spiralling out of control - and how this Government is ploughing on with policy that will only make things worse
Unkind times: How this government made nastiness their bread and butter
Read our blog on political unkindness and how we all need to work for a kinder political sphere
The UK Trade and Business Commission is a shining example of what business leaders and politicians can achieve together
The UK Trade and Business Commission, of which Best for Britain is secretariat, has had a busy 2021. Find out more!
Pyrotechnics and PR
The Government is consigning our democratic institutions to the bonfire - don't let them do this to all that we hold dear
This government’s agenda isn’t just anti-democratic, it’s anti-Conservative too
Best for Britain's blog explores how this Government is dispensing with all principle as it damages our democracy. This blog looks at the anti-democratic agenda embodied by bills such as the Elections Bill and the reforms to judicial review.