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We are the researchers, data scientists, strategists, and activists, fixing the problems Britain faces after Brexit.

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Take action to stop undemocratic changes to the way we vote, find out how to vote tactically, and see the latest data and publications from our team of researchers, data scientists and activists working to protect democracy across the United Kingdom.

News and updates

New polling shows Brexit branding hit to consumer confidence
Almost one in five (18%) have said they are less likely to buy products labelled ‘Not for EU’ which will be a requirement on all British meat and dairy produce from October 2024. 
Enormous poll shows strong majority want change at the next election
A major new poll suggests that time could soon be up for the Tories, with a majority of Brits in favour of a change of Government.   SPLIT The enormous new...
New mega-poll reveals voter’s desire for stronger EU-UK ties and dismay at Rishi Sunak.
Our mega-poll of over 10,000 respondents has found that the British public has run out of patience with Rishi Sunak’s government.
Scandalous spending tracker
It's easy to become numb to the scale and frequency of the government's fiscal ineptitude and dodginess and so we will highlight the cumulative impact this is having at a time when there are so many other things they should be spending on. 
By-election wrap up: Double defeat for Sunak could mask closer General Election
Beyond the usual by-election caveats, the results of these two races mask a much closer contest to come.
Everything you need to know about the Welsh Labour Leadership contest
With Welsh Labour Members heading to the polls this Friday, we bid Hwyl Fawr to Prif Weinidog, and Labour Leader, Mark Drakeford. Best for Britain’s Georgia Wiltshire takes a look...
The Greens have reason to hate it, but tactical voting is more important than ever
“It’s not easy bein’ green” - a 1970 hit for Kermit the Frog and a truism in British politics. Despite enjoying sustained and widespread support, the Green Party have been consistently and almost completely frustrated by our outdated electoral system.
Everything wrong with the Guardian’s ‘defence of Brexit’ piece
While making no mention of a myriad of issues sparked by the UK’s departure from the EU, some of the ‘proof’ offered in this thesis that Brexit has not been a disaster is questionable. Let’s pick over some of the highlights.