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A third in almost every constituency to vote tactically as GetVoting.org goes live
Tactical voting recommendations for the General Election have gone live at GetVoting.org as groundbreaking polling and MRP analysis shows unprecedented appetite for tactical voting in almost every constituency.
Green Party pledge to rejoin EU Customs Union and restore free movement
Describing their party as 'pro-European, and proudly so', the Green Party Manifesto asserted 'Britain would be better off politically, socially, environmentally and economically had we maintained our EU membership'
Tories launch new manifesto after failing to deliver the last one
Campaigners have criticised the Conservative Government’s record of broken promises since 2019 as the Prime Minister launched their new manifesto today
Lib Dems back EU-UK Single Market, Customs Union and Youth Mobility Scheme
The Liberal Democrats election manifesto includes pledges to agree a Youth Mobility Scheme with the EU in their manifesto and to bring the UK back into the EU Customs Union and Single Market.
Tactical Voting MRP Polling: June 2024
A new mega-poll and MRP analysis shows that at least a third of voters in 558 constituencies say they would vote tactically to change the Government. In 234 seats this jumps to 40% and in 31 seats, more than half are ready to vote for someone other than their first preference.
MRP Polling: June 2024
A colossal new poll and MRP analysis suggests that Labour’s lead is built on people who have already decided to vote tactically and that tactical voting will be essential to...
Scandalous spending tracker
It's easy to become numb to the scale and frequency of the government's fiscal ineptitude and dodginess and so we will highlight the cumulative impact this is having at a time when there are so many other things they should be spending on. 
Half of all voters still want a closer EU-UK relationship
New data from shows that the strong desire among voters for closer EU-UK cooperation remains steady with half of all respondents wanting closer ties with the bloc.
Striking benefits: England's Euros squad is a celebration of immigration
Research shows that the 26-man England squad has 15 players who could have represented another country.
Best for Britain launches Out-of-Home election campaign ads
Best for Britain reveals the latest artwork for Tactical Voting and Voter ID campaigns set to be displayed across England, Scotland and Wales for the general election from 17th June...
Your questions on immigration answered: What is migration? And why are some people always talking about it?
Between Government announcements, new laws, the publication of reports, and the release of fresh figures, it can be hard to keep up, so we’ve put together a quick explainer on everything migration related, and importantly, because nobody else seems to ask, isn’t immigration actually good for the UK?
The headline costs of Brexit
Counting the cost of Brexit could fill a library but here are the answers to all the headline questions: What is Brexit costing us? What impact is it having on businesses, consumers and public services? And is there any way to undo the damage?
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