General Election 2024

I voted! Now what?

What happens now?

Best for Britain's three step plan
to fix the problems Britain faces after Brexit:

  1. Design 114 fixes to our relationship with Europe
    that a new government can implement now
  2. Change the government
  3. Get the new government to back these fixes between now and the review of the Brexit deal in 2026

News and updates

Boris Johnson claims we are heading for ‘serfdom’ if Starmer changes our awful Brexit deal. Ignore him
The case for talking to Brussels and seeking improvements is undeniable – except to those like Johnson, in a world of their own
Six constituencies to watch on election night for tactical voting
It’s official, Britain is a nation of tactical voters. Our latest massive poll suggests that in a week’s time, four in ten of us will vote tactically to turf Sunak out of Downing Street.
2024 manifestos: an analysis
Here, we offer an overarching analysis of the manifestos - from the good, to the bad, to the just not that interesting (but probably important anyway).
Scottish voters are the most Pro-European in Britain, they should have influence beyond opposition benches
The next UK Government will have the unprecedented opportunity and responsibility to rebuild the UK-EU relationship and as the most pro-European nation in the UK, the bulk of the Scottish electorate must be represented in the halls of power.

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We are the researchers, data scientists, strategists, and activists, fixing the problems Britain faces after Brexit.

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