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    Rewards for our regular supporters It's free to join Best for Britain but we rely on donations from generous people like you, so that we can keep striving for the best social, economic, environmental, and democratic outcomes for the British people. Like us, you believe this requires re-engagement with Europe,...

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    NEW REPORT: Towards a modern UK-EU trade relationship

    Moving beyond the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement A report by David Henig for Best for Britain David is Director of the UK Trade Policy Project at the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) think-tank, and one of the UK’s leading authorities on trade policy. Read the report in...

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    To keep up to date with Best for Britain's campaign relaunch this summer, and our other work, sign up today. Join the movement of people committed to Britain's relationship with Europe. We will continue standing up for a healthier, happier and more equal society. Standing up for women’s rights, and...

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    Let's simplify trade

    Since the Brexit deal, people buying and selling products between the UK and Europe have faced new red tape burdens.  Sign the petition to simplify VAT charges and end unnecessary admin. 

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