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News and Press Releases

Sunak belatedly releases tax returns after cuts for top 1% Windsor Framework passes in House of Commons Business leaders call on MPs to back the Windsor Framework "Legally, morally and practically unworkable" Anti-Asylum Bill passes second reading Sunak shown red card over Anti-Asylum Bill Anti-Asylum Bill offers performative cruelty over real solutions Johnson characteristically shameless on Windsor Framework hypocrisy UK Business Leaders Unite Behind "Windsor Framework" Windsor Framework: Reopening of Horizon Europe negotiations highlights benefits of pragmatic UK-EU dialogue One year since invasion, Best for Britain stands with Ukraine NI Protocol: Polling shows “staggering” lack of trust in UK Government Supermarket rationing: Supply chains "less resilient" due to Brexit Mel Stride's admission leaves bitter taste for millions worse off after Brexit Brexit fallout could leave Northern Ireland without a government for two years Best for Britain stands with the people of Turkey and Syria 3 years since Brexit: UK forecast to be the only economy to shrink in 2023 Zahawi sacking: Sunak presiding over ‘revolving door of sleaze and scandal’ 'Bonfire of Rights' Bill will unleash chaos Brexit sceptics now outnumber cheerleaders among Tory voters according to new poll Wavering voters dent Labour lead as new poll shows Starmer out of step with his supporters on Brexit red lines