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News and Press Releases

3 years since Brexit: UK forecast to be the only economy to shrink in 2023 Zahawi sacking: Sunak presiding over ‘revolving door of sleaze and scandal’ 'Bonfire of Rights' Bill will unleash chaos Brexit sceptics now outnumber cheerleaders among Tory voters according to new poll Wavering voters dent Labour lead as new poll shows Starmer out of step with his supporters on Brexit red lines CER Report: Reduce trade barriers with EU to give business boost Ho Ho No: Brexit means smaller markets this Christmas Hunt’s financial reforms are regulatory ‘race to the bottom’ Brown Report: Starmer risks "fixing roof while foundations rot" Entire government in breach of ministerial code after failure to appoint ethics adviser Best for Britain launches search for PM's next ethics adviser Starmer CBI speech: Labour Leader must make the positive case for immigration Government’s fiscal plan unleashes new age of austerity New figures reveal fragility of Labour poll lead Eustice should apologise for misleading UK over “not very good” Australia trade deal Channel deal does not deliver safe routes for asylum seekers Sunak’s ‘fingerprints all over’ almost £70bn of egregious waste A ‘crisis of opportunity’: Students at risk of being priced out of university New polling: 57% would vote to rejoin EU Rishi Sunak to be the third Prime Minister in two months