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News and Press Releases

UK red lines crash car industry's post-Brexit recovery £3.1billion a year of food and drink tariffs unless Britain gets a proper deal Government wasting time on Brexit preparations - 26 unanswered questions from British Chambers of Commerce Government 'failing business' with slow Brexit preparations No-deal Brexit could hit UK economy three times as hard as coronavirus UK Government suggests Biden misunderstands Brexit proposals Bad Brexit will cost UK factories £50 billion Poll warning: Government 'in deep trouble with voters' over plan to break law on Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Call for 'cool heads to prevail' Johnson 'Shredding Brand Britain' Don't risk manufacturing trade war with our huge EU partners, Govt warned Internal Markets Bill 'Risks mother of all trade wars' for UK Govt minister's 'illegal' admission means Conservatives are no longer the party of law and order British plan to renege on key deal is 'a national suicide note' Raab/Frost Brexit claims: PM must now become 'directly involved' in talks EU threat to unite against Britain is also an opportunity Truss consultation delays 'beggar belief' UK sets up trade advisory groups, but 'business concerns still being routinely ignored by Number 10' NEW REPORT: The state of EU-UK trade negotiations: is the Government measuring up to its promises? 'Australia-style' deal would damage food security, says new report from Food and Drink Federation

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