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Poll reveals strong majority prioritise protecting farmers over new trade deals
61% said the government should prioritise protecting British farmers, compared to just 20% who said that agreeing new trade deals was more important, and 19% said they didn’t know. The findings are based on a nationally representative poll of more than 1,500 adults taken by Opinium this week  for Best for Britain. Support for farmers is found among a majority of both Leavers and Remainers, voters of all parties, across all age groups and in all nations and regions of the UK, with the strongest support in the South West of England.
UK voters are ready for a new voting system, including half of Conservative voters
New Best for Britain polling found 52% of all voters support some form of electoral reform. That's coupled with fewer than two-fifths of people who believe their vote has made a difference to the final result in an election. Clearly UK voters want to see change.
New Report: A Truly Global UK - Voters' views on working with the world
Landmark new report from Best for Britain featuring insight and polling identifying UK voters' real views on working with the world. Having left the European Union, the UK finds itself at a crossroads. In 2021, it has a choice to become a convenor nation, a leader in a collaborative sense, to overcome the global challenges of international disorder, protectionism and the climate crisis. But to do that, the UK must first repair its relationship with the EU. Without this underlying relationship with its nearest and closest ally, the UK risks being set a drift in a stormy global environment.
Internationalism Index: How does it work?
To mark Best for Britain's campaign relaunch in Spring 2021, we have commissioned a cutting-edge new analytical tool: The Internationalism Index. This is a brand new way of understanding opinion polling through segmenting the population by attitude, rather than demography or geography. The Index will allow a more nuanced understanding of how people in the UK view international co-operation.
NEW ANALYSIS: Labour would win up to 351 seats by working with Greens and Lib Dems
If Keir Starmer wants a shot at No 10 in three years, the party must be open to working with the Greens and Lib Dems, particularly given the impending constituency boundary changes and SNP strength north of the border.
A look back on what we've achieved
What did Best for Britain do in 2020? In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Best for Britain kept up the pressure on government to get a proper deal with the EU. Here's what we did.
NEW REPORT: Towards a modern UK-EU trade relationship
A major new analysis of the EU-UK trade deal highlights ten areas that must be addressed urgently to deal with non-tariff trade barriers looming come January 1st.
NEW POLL: Voters around the country want the Prime Minister to keep his promise to strike a deal
Voters around the country want the Prime Minister to keep his promise to strike a deal. Best for Britain's new polling reveals support for getting a comprehensive deal and for extending transition.
NEW POLL: Two thirds back a deal, including half of Leave voters
NEW POLL from Best for Britain: Two thirds back a deal, including half of Leave voters
NEW POLL: Two-thirds say UK Govt has ‘failed’ in EU negotiations, 57% say breakdown of talks would be UK's fault
This poll shows that the British public understand the damage that would be inflicted by leaving the transition period without an agreement and would not forgive Boris Johnson for failing to deliver on his election promise of an ‘oven-ready’ trade deal.
NEW POLL: Two-thirds oppose no-deal as new report highlights ‘reasonable’ day one scenarios for Brexit
New poll assesses the domestic impact of Britain leaving the Brexit transition period without a UK-EU trade deal at the end of this year. Without a deal, businesses are staring down the barrel at a 'perfect storm' of Brexit and COVID this Christmas.
NEW REPORT - Britain in 2021: A domestic impact assessment of the UK after exiting the transition period
New Report: Britain in 2021 - from the first day Britain ceases to work with Europe, we will see immediate and significant impacts on countless industries, people and communities. Read the report, including exclusive MRP polling, here.
NEW POLL: Government 'in deep trouble with voters' over plan to break law on Brexit Withdrawal Agreement
47 per cent of voters say planning to break the law is unacceptable, and only 25 per cent believe it can be acceptable. Boris Johnson has completely lost non-Tory voters on this issue, doesn’t have the backing of a huge number of his own voters.
UK-EU Negotiations: Are we getting what we were promised?
We've given our verdict on how the Government is living up to its promises in seventeen key areas of UK-EU negotiations. Time is running short to get a good deal with our closest neighbours. Find out how much the UK Government still has to do.
NEW REPORT - The state of EU-UK trade negotiations: is the Government measuring up to its promises?
In a major new report commissioned by Best for Britain, Tim Ward and Namali Mackay provide the first detailed analysis of the government’s ambitions for a trade deal, and the realities facing their negotiating teams.
Timeline to a UK-EU trade deal
A deal needs to be agreed in time for the EU and UK systems to scrutinise and approve whatever the negotiators agree. We worked out the timeline for approving the trade deal.
NEW POLL: 59% think food prices will rise as new report calls on UK Government to strike Affordable Food Deal
Failure to secure a good EU trade deal could lead to an increase in the cost of basic food items, meaning more families are thrown into food poverty, a new report has warned.
NEW POLL: Young jobseekers concerned for their future outside Single Market and Customs Union
Best for Britain's latest poll finds young people are worried about leaving Europe's Single Market and Customs Union will reduce their employment opportunities.
NEW POLL: Brits want to keep access to EU's Horizon and Erasmus programmes in 2021
Best for Britain's new poll suggests a majority of Britons are still hopeful UK negotiators can secure cooperation on research, science and education through EU programmes.
Affordable Food Deal Report: Keeping Britain’s food affordable
Best for Britain's Affordable Food Deal campaign published its report looking at the UK's access to affordable high quality food after Brexit. The campaign calls for an Affordable Food Deal with Europe to make sure British shops continue to have safe and high quality food available.
UK's post-Brexit trade tariffs to cause food prices to skyrocket
The new UK Global Tariffs, effective from 1st January, will replace the system we currently have via the EU and the Single Market. New tariffs effectively increase the cost of everyday essentials.